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Convert more free accounts, increase user engagement, and reduce churn with UserJoy's analytics and smart messaging solution

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Convert Trial Users

Identify onboarding bottlenecks. Rapidly demonstrate value to users.

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Retain Customers

Measure user engagement. Monitor account health status. Proactively communicate. Identify causes of churn.

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Monetize Customers

Identify customer evangelists. Reach out for case studies and testimonials. Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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What people say about

"We use UserJoy to constantly monitor our users' engagement and account health. We can now easily identify trial prospects and upsell opportunities. Our whole team proactively communicates with users, with the full context of a user's activity, at the right time.

We have increased our trial conversions by 27% since integrating UserJoy.

Trial conversion and upselling has now become a process in our company.

It's a must-use tool for all SaaS companies."

Yash Shah