Convert more free / trial accounts to paid accounts

Identify hot trials

Identify trial users who are serious about using your product. Focus your efforts on converting these hot trials onto paying customers.

Auto Track User Activity, User Profile
Auto Track User Activity, User Profile

Set up drip campaigns to onboard new users

Generate engagement for new users by creating drip email campaigns:

  • Trial Follow Up : 1 Day - Welcome Email
  • Trial Follow Up : 3 Day : Introduce New Feature
  • Trial Follow Up : 7 Day : Ask For Feedback

Identify bottlenecks in your onboarding process

Find trial / free users who are facing problems using your product. Reach out to them with help messages.

Run 'has-done' and 'has-not-done' queries to find users who are stuck at a specific point in your 'customer journey'.

e.g. "Users who have created a new team but have not invited team members"

Auto Track User Activity, User Profile