Improve customer engagement and retention

Identify risk users

Which of your paying customers are not engaging with the product anymore ? Identify these users upfront and reach out to them with emails to get them back to using your product.

Auto Track User Activity, User Profile
Auto Track User Activity, User Profile

See what users are doing in your app

UserJoy automatically tracks activity for all your signed-up users - every pageview, every button-click, link-click and form-submission with an 'id' attribute. See what each of your users is doing in your app, in realtime.

Find your most / least engaged users

UserJoy assigns a score (0-100) to all your users, which helps you identify the most/least engaged users on your app.

Auto Track User Activity, User Profile
Monitor account health metrics for all your users

Monitor account health metrics

UserJoy assigns a health status (Good / Average / Poor) to all your users. Customize the health segments based on your app's requirements.

e.g. you may define "any user who has logged in more that 5 times last week, and has engagement score greater than 30, is in Good Health".

Send messages based on user behaviour

Send manual messages to a user, or a segment of users at once. Auto-trigger messages to users belonging to a segment.

For example, send a 'retention' email to all your risk users.

Auto Track User Activity, User Profile